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Clinic 1- Stage Combat

Instructor- Michael J. Johnson

Schedule- January 8 -16

                 Wednesday 1/10 and Friday 1/12 FLEX Period 3:10pm - 3:50

Course Description: Stage combat is the theatrical representation of violence performed during the course of a live performance that focuses on safety and repetition. This class will focus on unarmed combat.
Unarmed stage combat teaches basics such as partnering, timing, communication, distance, and safety. The curriculum will consist of safe, yet theatrically viable slaps, punches, kicks, falls, sweeps, throws, rolls, and take downs.



Clinic 2- Digital Actor



Instructor- AJ Meijer

Schedule- January 24-26
                 No School Day - Friday Morning 9:00 am - Noon in the JHHS Auditorium. 


Course Description: Learn current resume and audition practices for TV and Film as well as theatre. This is a business and marketing class for actors. When graduation comes and the rubber meets the road, the wake-up call that most performance artist students experience is that they are suddenly the CEO, CFO, and Director of PR & Marketing for their own small business. The objective of this course is to prepare you for this wake-up call in advance-to give you the tools, resources, and mindset to effectively manage your business as a performer. 


Clinic 3- Musical Theatre Movement & Dance

Instructor- Jasmin Bristow

Schedule-Jan 24-25 Thursday Evening 4 - 6:30pm in the JHHS Auditorium.

Course Description: This is an introduction to the few basic genres of Musical Theatre dance. Students will be learning dance terms and vocabulary to prepare you for quick audition sequences. Jasmin will push dancers with experience and guide non-dancers to learn to become comfortable moving.



Clinic 4 -Set Design for Non-Designers


Instructor- Nels Martin

Schedule- Feb. 5-10,Tuesday 2/6, Wednesday 2/7 and Thursday 2/8

                 After School 4:00 - 7:00   Flex Period - 3:10 - 3:50  - 2/10

                 Saturday Workshop 10:00 am till 3:00pm 


Course Description: Learn the basics of set design through visual imagining, 2-dimensional drafting, and sketching.  Learning space relations and historic references. Learning all the elements that make up theatrical scene design.



Clinic 5- Vocal Preparation for Actors


Instructor- Gina Feliccia

Schedule- Feb. 20-23, Thursday 2/22 2:05pm-2:40pm and Friday 2/23

                 3:10-3:50 FLEX period

                 Saturday 2/24 10:00am - 3:00pm - All by appointment for semi-private sessions based on registration.


Course Description: During this clinic week Gina will help students finalize song selection based on full vocal assessments for each student. Choosing the right audition song to suit your vocal and acting ability is key to a prepared, successful audition. Gina will guide vocal potential and give you practical tips to vocal health and improvement.



Clinic 6 Audition Techniques Workshop 


This workshop will lead right into JHHS Musical auditions for Damn Yankee's.


Instructors- 3 Broadway instructors Michael Guarnera, Gina Feliccia, and

                   Pam Phillips.

Schedule- Feb. 26 - March 1 After School 4:00-7:00 in the Auditorium - Don't miss this!

                 2/28 and 3/1 DAMN YANKEE'S Final Audition and Call Back.


Course Description: Learn to master the skills needed to show your best and win the roles you desire. In this course you will practice all three disciplines Dance, Acting, and Singing. You will gain skills and techniques to put you in your best light as well as prescribe skills needed to prepare  those students looking to sharpen and ready themselves for college auditions.



Clinic 7 Sound Design

Instructor- Nick Cottingham

Schedule- April 28th - May 19th

                 Saturday 4/28 10:00am - 4:00pm After school rehearsal times

                 Monday 4/30, 5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4 5/7 and 5/8

                 8 Damn Yankee's performances 5/9-19th


Course Desription: 4 students only will be selected to work in semi-private sessions actually designing sound for the JHHS spring musical, Damn Yankee's under the guidence of Nick. For this clinic all student applicants must e-mail a one paragraph application about their personal music influences and their interest in sound design. Aplications are due April 10th and should be e-mailed to gina@bigcitybroadway.org



Clinic 8 Lighting Design


Instructor- Jennifer Edwards Northover

Schedule- April 30 - May 19th  

                 After school rehearsal times 4/30, 5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4 5/7 and 5/8. 

                 8 Damn Yankee's performances 5/9-19th


Course Description: In this course 2 students will be selected to work in semi-private sessions actually designing lighting for the spring musical, Damn Yankee's uner the knowledge and experience of the seasoned lighting designer, Jennifer! For this clinic students must apply for these positions by sending a one parapgraph application about their interest and experience (if any) in lighting design. Applications are due April 10th they are to be e-mailed to gina@bigcitybroadway.org