Building Broadway

If you’re looking to showcase local youth talent in a professional Broadway production, Big City Broadway is the answer.  Our Building Broadway program provides you with support at whatever level you choose – from local auditions to complete productions.   What you’ll find at Big City Broadway is a level of experience, talent and professionalism you won’t find elsewhere.  As budding young stars sing, rehearse and learn with experienced Broadway stars, day after day, the quality of the production speaks for itself.  And the potential for young stars to blossom, grow and set off on successful careers is greatly enhanced through mentorship with actors who have truly been there.  With Building Broadway, we provide:

  • Local auditions for youth talent
  • Development of local youth talent, including musical instruction, direction, staging, characterization and song interpretation
  • Mentorship of local talent, included guided rehearsals where Big City Broadway stars sing alongside young actors
  • Showcasing of existing talent – whether your local stars play guitar or piano, dance, or possess some other potential for greatness – we’ll develop that talent and feature it in our local production
  • Arrangement of musical scores for local orchestra
  • Broadway-caliber talent to round out shows, where requested
  • Full direction and staging of production
  • Private Vocal and Coaching lessons