Vocal Master Class with two Broadway Diva Sopranos Who Belt,

Sarah Uriarte Berry and Gina Feliccia

In these classes you will learn:
-How to begin to control your breathing
-Make your voice richer and more resonant
-Improve pitch
-Learn performance/audition presentation and song interpretation


All ages and skill levels welcome

August 7th 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Orange County Song & Dance in Huntington Beach California



Moonlight Clinic 1 - How To Hit The Big Stage!

Eric Kunze and Gina Feliccia


In this clinic young artists will build foundational skills such as choosing audition material and learning best practice in the audition room. Students will practice the art or presenting themselves using good speech, diction, and articulation. We will touch upon vocal health, supportive singing and song presentation.  


Moonlight Clinic 2 - Performance Arts Master Class

Eric Kunze and Gina Feliccia

In this clinic we will unpack singing and speaking with ease and confidence. We will touch on vocal health and the necessity of it when singing 8 shows a week. You will learn how to get high impact results preparing for interviews and or auditions. We will give systematic guidence when looking at colleges and how best to prepare and meet college audition requirements. The business side of show business is not always at the top of the artists mind but learning how to present yourself and mind your business should be. Presenting yourself authentically and professionally is key and we will look at ways to help you do just that.


August 14th at the Jim Porter Rec Center in Vista California!



Eric, Gina and Sarah have more than 25 years performing professionally and for the past 18 years passing the torch teaching and guiding students across the country.


What is a Master Class? The difference between a normal class and a master class is typically the setup. All students watch as the master instructor takes one student at a time. In our classes there will be 2 to 3 volunteers who will work out their musical piece in front of the whole class. All students will participate in exercises and will sing and speak as a group. If you would like to volunteer for the email gina@bigcitybroadway.org with your name age if under 18, Song or songs of choice (something you know real well).

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